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Monty Walls mwalls at castor.oktax.state.ok.us
Thu Jan 16 11:13:45 EST 2003

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003 11:13:31 -0500
Zinger <Zinger at Zinger.Org> wrote:

> This is probably an often asked question, but what's the best video card 
> for this solution? I was thinking about an ATI All-in-wonder, should I go 
> for one of the Hauppauges instead?

For capture: Hauppauge WinTV FM/Stereo (using a BT878 or equiv).
For display: Geforce2MX with TV-out (using a BT869).

While NVidia has closed source drivers, they are reliable and work.
Also nvtv allow adjusting the overscan/undercan/placement/options of the
TV-out.  While many cards come with TV-out the only ones that are
adjustable are the ones supported by nvtv (ie Voodoo3/bt869 and NVidia's).
Also you want a bt869 on the NVidia/Voodoo3 since the Chrontel equivalent
is not nearly as flexible.

The problem with the ATI All-in-Wonder is support of TV-out & capture
requires GATOS.  TV-out under ATI is not supported basically by ATI
(Macrovision IP problems).

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