[mythtv] Record now?

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Jan 15 15:39:34 EST 2003

Stephan Wentz wrote:
>>>that reminds me of one of my questions that hasn't been answered yet,
>>>will future versions of mythtv let the backend do all the
>>>sql-query-stuff? right now the frontend does it, and i don't think this
>>>is a good idea, since the backend should provide all the data that the
>>>frontend uses...
>>I disagree.  The backend doesn't need to provide _all_ the data, when much
>>of it's just as easily gotten by hitting the sql server remotely.  It's not
>>like the client libraries are huge or anything.
> but the data doesn't have to come from a mysql-database (of course, now that's 
> the only way...). i think the interface to the backend shouldn't be changed 
> when you switch for example to a xml-file or postgresql... this way all the 
> data-stuff has to be implemented into the frontend, and everytime you switch 
> to a new data-source the communication between frond/back changes (sort of, 
> i'm counting the data-storage as backend). when the backend would do all this 
> you could switch data-sources in the backend and leave the client as-is. 

Stephan, all the source code for database connections are
in libraries that both the frontend and backend use at link
time. If, for instance, someone wanted to add support for
PostgreSQL they would make the changes to the lib source,
recompile, install then both front and backend could talk
to the new database.

There is no real advantage to have the backend interrupted to
simply passthru a query that the frontend could have done for

Also, there is the possibility of having more than one machine
with a tuner care on your network. So, for example, the frontend
should be able to check the database for the list of recorded
shows. If you pick a show to watch, it should then connect to
the backend on the machine where the file is stored.

--  bjm

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