[mythtv] Record now?

Stephan Wentz wentz at gmx.de
Wed Jan 15 23:25:51 EST 2003

On Wednesday 15 January 2003 22:50, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 January 2003 10:48 am, Stephan Wentz wrote:
> > yes, this is an issue... if a show starts at 20:00 and i program it at
> > 20:01 mythtv doesn't record... but i think it should, when there is no
> > conflict and (show_start_time <= now() and show_end_time > now())...
> Err, it does start recording if the show's already begun.

hmm, yes it does. strange. would swear that it didn't yesterday ;-)

> > that reminds me of one of my questions that hasn't been answered yet,
> > will future versions of mythtv let the backend do all the
> > sql-query-stuff? right now the frontend does it, and i don't think this
> > is a good idea, since the backend should provide all the data that the
> > frontend uses...
> I disagree.  The backend doesn't need to provide _all_ the data, when much
> of it's just as easily gotten by hitting the sql server remotely.  It's not
> like the client libraries are huge or anything.

but the data doesn't have to come from a mysql-database (of course, now that's 
the only way...). i think the interface to the backend shouldn't be changed 
when you switch for example to a xml-file or postgresql... this way all the 
data-stuff has to be implemented into the frontend, and everytime you switch 
to a new data-source the communication between frond/back changes (sort of, 
i'm counting the data-storage as backend). when the backend would do all this 
you could switch data-sources in the backend and leave the client as-is. 
maybe there will be frontends for windows or who-knows-what... all these had 
to be changed! so i guess it would make sense to let the server do all the 
data-stuff and just deliver it to the client (frontend).

bye, stephan

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