[mythtv] logging mythbackend results

Greg.Froese at Federated.CA Greg.Froese at Federated.CA
Wed Jan 15 12:31:34 EST 2003

is there a way to log all messages normally spit out on the terminal 
through mythbackend to a file?

i tried running mythbackend > log & and that sort of worked.

I got the initial setup text to show up in log, but then other messages 
started appearing again in the terminal and not in the log.
it would be nice to be able to do this over an nfs mount if you are 
getting lockups in myth, you could easily see the latest messages in the 
log and find out where myth was causing a problem.

maybe there is already a good way to do this, but i'm not aware of one.

another feature i can see for this functionality is the ability to email 
myself that log file every so often to see exactly what mythbackend is 
doing.  again, not an issue for a mature program which should behave just 
as expected, but while myth is still under heavy development, i would find 
this useful.


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