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I've got a Temic tuner so I switched the tuner type to 8 but
more importantly I put in '150' for the 'finetuning' on all 
the channels & that made the biggest improvement - I'm gonna play
around w/that # & see if I can make it even better.
What relationship does that # have to xawtv finetuning numbers?
Xawtv's finetuning increments are like .1 but MythTv's finetuning
numbers are integers - is it x100?  x1000?

Harondel J. Sibble(help@pdscc.com)@2003.01.12 12:39:40 +0000:
> On 12 Jan 2003 at 14:29, aaron wrote:
> > Actually, I think the problem is that the card's tuner gets detected wrong by
> > the tuner.o module. Using "modprobe tuner type=17" (or something; I forget the
> > exact number right now) fixed this problem for me on my non-VE TV Wonder.
> Actually 9 times out of 10 that IS the case, however the TV Wonder does have 
> some issues with tuning.... I've experienced the same thing here in 
> Vancouver, BC, Canada and I know a few people in outlying areas who 
> experience the same thing.
> Also there are multiple tuners that will work with the TV Wonder, dunno about 
> the VE, I've had success with tuner=2 (phillips ntsc) and tuner=8 (temic 
> ntsc) and one or two others.  I'm currently using the temic tuner as that is 
> what it is detected as under Win9x and under linux if no tuner argument is 
> passed to bttv.  Oddly enough, it you take the cover off the tuner, it most 
> definitely is a Phillips one. Using the Temic tuner argument does seem to 
> give a cleaner signal though <shrug>.
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