[mythtv] Washed out colors

Harondel J. Sibble mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun Jan 12 20:39:40 EST 2003

On 12 Jan 2003 at 14:29, aaron wrote:

> Actually, I think the problem is that the card's tuner gets detected wrong by
> the tuner.o module. Using "modprobe tuner type=17" (or something; I forget the
> exact number right now) fixed this problem for me on my non-VE TV Wonder.

Actually 9 times out of 10 that IS the case, however the TV Wonder does have 
some issues with tuning.... I've experienced the same thing here in 
Vancouver, BC, Canada and I know a few people in outlying areas who 
experience the same thing.

Also there are multiple tuners that will work with the TV Wonder, dunno about 
the VE, I've had success with tuner=2 (phillips ntsc) and tuner=8 (temic 
ntsc) and one or two others.  I'm currently using the temic tuner as that is 
what it is detected as under Win9x and under linux if no tuner argument is 
passed to bttv.  Oddly enough, it you take the cover off the tuner, it most 
definitely is a Phillips one. Using the Temic tuner argument does seem to 
give a cleaner signal though <shrug>.

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