[mythtv] seperating backend/frontend

Stephan Wentz mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon Jan 13 18:50:06 EST 2003

On Monday 13 January 2003 17:53, Isaac Richards wrote:
> On Monday 13 January 2003 11:20 am, Stephan Wentz wrote:
> > another thing that came to my mind when i was thinking about the split to
> > backend and frontend was the remote controll... i think i can forget
> > about my rc-receiver on my wintv when i'm using it split up, i guess?
> > the tv-card is of course in the backend-machine, but it would be needed
> > in the frontent-machine to use it's input... any ideas about that?
> > maybe the backend should be able to interpret the rc-input natively, and
> > not just as normal keystrokes, this would work...
> Only the frontend needs input from the remote, so, there's no issue with
> this. Any commands that the frontend gets that the backend needs to take
> care of get transmitted back to the backend.

hmm but that's the problem! rc receivers on tv-cards would be useless, cause 
the tv-card is _always_ in the backend-machine! this would mean that you 
definitely need a second rc-receiver, even if your tv-card has one...
i think this is an issue that has to be thought of...


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