[mythtv] I dont know, its freaking me out.

Chris mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun Jan 12 02:42:56 EST 2003

I activate the pip with v and switch the active screen with n.  In both
of those screens i can watch live tv with audio and do timeshifting. 
However , i just finnished recording 2 simultaneous 30 minute shows and
one did not have audio.  So I reconnected the ati tv wonder ve to the sb
live 5.1 and scheduled two more simultaneous recordings.  I will see in
about 20 minutes if both will have audio.

On Sat, 2003-01-11 at 21:22, Bruce Markey wrote:
> Chris wrote:
> > I thought you needed two soundcards for two tuners.  I have installed
> > two tv tuners and have onboard cmi8738 and instlled an sb live 5.1 card
> > as well.  Couldnt seem to make the two sound cards agree with each
> > other.  Then after a series of failed configurations ,suddenly I can run
> > mythtv and do picture in picture and swap the pip and main window.  Both
> > of them have sound which is synced with the video.  Then I looked at the
> > back of the PC and saw that I have NOT yet connected the line out of the
> > ati tv tuner ve to the sb live 5.1 line in.  There is nothing connected
> > to the sb live 5.1 at all.  The ati tv wonder PCI is connected to the
> > cmi8738 at its mic in jack.  My speakers are connected to the line out
> > of the cmi8738.  How did the ati tv wonder ve audio find its way to
> > mythtv?  How is this possible?  I have not yet verified If i can record
> > with audio from each of the tuners.  Still tryng the mythfilldatabase
> > but I never expected this.  Is there a logical explanation or am I
> > simply not understanding audio configuration.  
> Harondel Sibbie has been down this road before! It was
> fun figuring it out 8-). You would assume that when you
> press "v" that the two tuner cards swap roles. However,
> - N swaps the two channels
> from keys.txt means that each card changes channels. The
> first card is always fullscreen and the second is always
> PIP.
> Confirming the sound for the second card is what lead to
> the testing suggested in 17.11 of the docs.
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-17.html#ss17.11
> Once this test works for the first card, do the same test
> for "xawtv -c /dev/video1" and "aplay /dev/dsp1". Not only
> will this verify that sound works for the second card but
> you can alternate between /dev/dsp and /dev/dsp1 to make
> sure the volume levels are equal.
> --  bjm
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