[mythtv] Matrox G200 TV out works! HOWTO!

Bernard Johnson mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed Jan 8 23:49:47 EST 2003

If you decide on Redhat 8, you can use the RPMS that you pointed out before.
Anything that was lacking from RH8, I've packaged into RPMS.

First install RH8, then run up2date to make sure you get all the current
redhat versions (you'll need to install a development environment to build
mythTV as well - so keep that in mind when selecting packages)

Then, install the RPMS I've built:
  expat, expat-devel
  perl-XML-Twig, perl-XML-Writer, xmltv
  kernel (if needed)
  mgavideo (if needed - not to be too trusted yet)
  other rpms (ie. lame) can be grabbed from http://www.freshrpms.net

(I'm in the process of copying the kernel and mgavideo rpms to web space, so
they may not appear immediately)

you will also have to use the cvs version of mythtv or wait for 0.8 since
the mjpeg support is not built in yet.  I haven't packaged mythtv yet
because I haven't gotten it working reliably yet.

Just so you know what you're getting into.... The kernel that I have built
only provides framebuffer support, so you can, for example, mirror your X11
desktop that is on your monitor to your TV.

In order to capture/playback using mjpeg, you'll also have to install the
mgavideo support (get rpm or build yourself http://marvel.sourceforge.net).
There seems to be conflicts in the built in framebuffer support in the
kernel and the mgavideo drivers.  When I load the modules for mgavideo, it
kills my tvout of the desktop.  As I understand it now, the goals of the
guys that write the framebuffer code for the kernel and the goal of the
mgavideo team are not the same and they are stepping on each other

If you are not using tv-out, this should not be an issue.

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