[mythtv] Matrox G200 TV out works! HOWTO!

Nathan Ziarek mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed Jan 8 23:15:00 EST 2003

I would consider myself an above average Windows user, although my guess
is quite a bit below where you'd be.

MythTV is my first experience with Linux, and the documents are
absolutely great. Kind of like Nathan Langley said, I would go with
Mandrake 9 to begin with (a few quirks, but setting up ALSA is way
easier and without it, I couldn't get Myth to run on RedHat). Now that I
feel like I know something, I am thinking about going over to Gentoo,
since it is supposed to be faster.

Anyway, as a fellow newbie, I would stick with the more commercial
distros (RedHat or Mandrake, my suggestion Mandrake) and follow the
documents. They are really very good...


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