[mythtv] Sound card suggestions

Cory Meyer mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed Jan 8 16:14:14 EST 2003

I'm running an ISA SB 16 with no problems.  Just make sure that the
Line-IN is Muted and set to Capture.


> I've had problems getting a SB awe64 to work properly in full duplex, so
> it can record one sound while playing another.  The result
> is I hear both sound tracks overlaid on top of each other.  I'm
> using Mandrake 9.0 and the Alsa drivers.
> So anyway, that was on one machine, now I'm trying to build a
> dedicated prototype machine (Dual P2-450) and since I'll be buying a new
> sound card anyway, I thought I'd ask for good suggestions.
> Besides the obvious working with Mandrake and simple (autodetected) to
> setup, I'd like it to be able to have multiple sound cards per machine
> if I get that far, and fairly priced.
> I was thinking the SB Live cards which I've seen OEM on Pricewatch for
> about $32.  Microcenter has SB PCI-128 for about $20.  And they have
> more expensive TurtleBeach and others also.
> Maybe the duplex issue is only a problem with my older SBAwe cards, but
> I just wanted to make sure what I buy will work good with Mythtv.
> Thanks,
> Brian
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