[mythtv] Best hardware & software for PVR?

Mikko Mäkelä mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue Jan 7 13:49:27 EST 2003

Hi everybody!

Is there any sort of FAQ for getting the slickest
possible Linux PVR experience at time?

If no, I would be willing to compose the first
version. So if you have any opinion to these issues, I
would be interested to hear from you!:

- good/best hardware available for Linux PVR

* price range?

* drivers: stability, speed?

* glitches?

* etc.

- good/best software available

* easy to install?

* feature rich?

* stable?

* etc.

- good/best distro to handle it all

Personally, I'm looking for a combination, which
besides functioning as PVR would give me an
opportunity to turn my collection of VHS tapes easily
to DVDs, so comments on this are very welcome too.

If I find that there exists the need for FAQ, I will
post the pointer to it to all the forums from where I
have asked for help.



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