[mythtv] Window focus problems (was: Using KDE Window Manager, how to remove toolbars)

Cedar McKay cedarmckay at mac.com
Thu Feb 27 08:26:43 EST 2003

I suspect this is the resurfacing of my old problem. I determined it 
was time based by setting back my clock and having the problem go away, 
and re-appear when I set the clock to the correct time again. I was 
experiencing all this around the new year. I was thrilled when the 
problem spontaneously fixed itself (I hadn't even refreshed cvs or 
anything) but about a 10 days ago the problem came back, again, 
spontaneously. Search for a thread with "time based" in the subject if 
you want to catch up on where we left it. Executive summary: lots of 
head scratching.



On Thursday, February 27, 2003, at 07:52  AM, William Preston wrote:

>> Here's some speculation from a non-programmer:
>> I've looked at the irxevent code and it seems to use some functions 
>> like
>> XGetInputFocus() to find out what window to send the keypress 
>> characters
> to.
>> Since the MythTV menu window (Watch TV, Schedule a Recording, Watch
>> Recordings, etc) has the same name as the "Select a recording to view"
> dialog
>> (they're both called mythfrontend), I wonder if lirc (irxevent,
> actually) is
>> selecting the wrong window to send the kepress characters to.  If so,
> could
>> this problem be solved by changing the name of the "Select a recording
> to
>> view" dialog?
> I like your theory, but I have the same exact issue and I'm not using
> lirc.  I'm just using a mouse program that sends keypresses with 
> xte...so
> I think that rules out lirc's code entirely?  I think it's just 
> something
> to do with KDE...funny thing is, it used to work properly (about three
> weeks ago?) with the cvs releases.  Not to bark up the wrong tree, but 
> the
> change seems to coincide with my switching over to Sasquatch (but I'm 
> sure
> that's not the problem.)
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