[mythtv] Window focus problems (was: Using KDE Window Manager, how to remove toolbars)

William Preston bpreston at networkusa.net
Thu Feb 27 09:52:13 EST 2003

> Here's some speculation from a non-programmer:
> I've looked at the irxevent code and it seems to use some functions like
> XGetInputFocus() to find out what window to send the keypress characters
> Since the MythTV menu window (Watch TV, Schedule a Recording, Watch
> Recordings, etc) has the same name as the "Select a recording to view"
> (they're both called mythfrontend), I wonder if lirc (irxevent,
actually) is
> selecting the wrong window to send the kepress characters to.  If so,
> this problem be solved by changing the name of the "Select a recording
> view" dialog?

I like your theory, but I have the same exact issue and I'm not using
lirc.  I'm just using a mouse program that sends keypresses with xte...so
I think that rules out lirc's code entirely?  I think it's just something
to do with KDE...funny thing is, it used to work properly (about three
weeks ago?) with the cvs releases.  Not to bark up the wrong tree, but the
change seems to coincide with my switching over to Sasquatch (but I'm sure
that's not the problem.)

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