[mythtv] Problem with TV-out on geforce4 mx440

Vincent AE Scott mythtv at codex.dyndns.tv
Thu Feb 27 14:05:01 EST 2003

Hi there, i've been trying to get mythtv working, and have run into a
problem, with either my graphics card, or my TV.  So before deciding to
purchase a new television set, i'd like to ask for your advice.

I have the TV connected up the tv-out via an s-video to SCART cable.
i believe the TV supports NTSC playback, its an old Bang & Olufsen.

My problem, arrises when i try and playback video thru the TV, it
appears in black and white.  I have setup X to use two seperate
ServerLayout sections, one for the monitor and one for tv-out.

With the following section:
Section "Monitor"
        Identifier      "TV"
        HorizSync       30-50
        VertRefresh     60

i get black and white playback.
as i'm in the UK (PAL-I) shouldnt the VertRefresh by 50?
i've tried that aswell, but eitehr the TV or the gfx card doesnt like
it, and X refuses to start, claiming it cant find a suitable resolution.
I've even tried manually setting a ModeLine entry for it, without any

>From various postings on this list, it appears that geforce 4mx's have a
closed source tvout driver.  should it be possible to output PAL-I @
50Hz with this card, or should i go and look for an older geforce 2mx?
it looks like most people have better luck with the older, simpler, more
open cards.

Infact, does anyone here have a georce 4mx working in the UK with a
plain old 50Hz telly?

Any help would be appreciated, i picked up this card at the weekend,
hoping to have a mythtv setup and working by now.  everything else
pretty much works OK, except for the tv-out.  (i'm not ruling out, that
the TV is at fault, its quite old)

Mythtv looks awesome, and i'd love to get it working,


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