[mythtv] mythradio?

Isaac Richards ijr at po.cwru.edu
Wed Feb 26 13:38:12 EST 2003

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 01:05 pm, Michael J. Sherman wrote:
> There is a separate MythRadio mailing list.  Right now it's still kinda
> in the design stages trying to figure out how best to handle both FM
> radio and streaming MP3 internet radio.
> http://woogie.net/mailman/listinfo/mythradio

Having a separate list isn't really needed, IMO.  There's really no reason to 
keep the discussion off the -dev list.  More eyes looking at stuff is good, 
and there's 700 or so pairs here =)

> Personally, I'm working on a new handler for MythMusic that can play
> streaming MP3.

Should be fairly easy to do, at least with http streams -- Qt already has a 
fairly decent http client code, so you just need to write a small wrapper 
around that to translate it into something that the existing decoders 
understand.  Would have to handle the crap that shoutcast streams inject in 
the middle of the audio data, but that's not terribly difficult.  Multicast 
streams would be a bit more difficult, but there's existing libraries (in c++ 
even, I believe) that can be used for that.

As for, say, streaming a static file from the backend to a mythmusic instance 
on the frontend, the existing RemoteFile stuff will work perfectly for it -- 
that's what it's meant for.  Again, just have to make a small-ish wrapper 
class around that to translate it into something the existing decoders 
understand, and everything should work pretty much automatically.


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