[mythtv] Bug in rewind w/saved position

aaron aiperl at rogers.com
Tue Feb 25 19:50:27 EST 2003

I think I have seen this as well. I hinted it at it in a previous post I

When I was watching Alias this week, it jumped through a couple of scenes
after a commercial break. When I tried to rewind, it went back through most of
it, but then hit a barrier, like you said. I've seen it in other cases where I
try to rewind a bit to try to catch some mumbled dialog.

My thought was maybe it has to do with the way the data is streamed from the
backend... like maybe we hit the lower bound on its buffer? I haven't really
looked much in to the code for it, though, so I could be blowing hot air... :)


On Tue, 25 Feb 2003 18:49:40 -0500 spake Pierre-Olivier of:

> Isaac Richards <ijr at po.cwru.edu> wrote:
> > Hm.  I'm not able to reproduce this at all, with or without stickykeys
> > on.
> It happens to me even when I don't save positions... I just pause, go
> forwards and backwards to skip ads (haven't bound a button on my remote
> to 'Z' yet), and then sometimes you just can't go back anymore. It's
> very random, no really reproducible steps other than I skip forward and
> back a few times without unpausing (max 8 times), then a "barrier" gets
> created that prevents from going back past that point. Unpausing and
> pausing again clears it, I can again go backwards farther.
> This looks like a very hard to track bug... though I've had it happen to
> me many times.
> Pete
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