[mythtv] patch: playlist updates

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Mon Feb 24 19:07:53 EST 2003

#if Isaac Richards /* Feb 24, 18:07 */
> On Monday 24 February 2003 05:41 pm, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> > fixschema was for mdz, not you. :-)
> He just said that if it were to be done that way, that'd be how to do it.

And it's done.  What's the problem?  You can both ignore it for all I care.

> > Someone requested per-host playlists and a toggle for "exporting" such
> > playlists to global scope -- hence the hostname field in musicplaylist.
> I don't see the hostname field being used at all in the code, so...

It will be used by the GUI.

> The default playlist isn't a discrete playlist.  It's a special case, it 
> doesn't need a setting to name it.  It'll always be 'default' or whatnot.  
> It'll always get saved on exit and loaded on startup.  Doesn't matter if it's 
> an exact duplicate of another playlist.

After my patch, the default playlist is not a special case.  Any node can
have an arbitrary default playlist, but the playlist named "Default" is the
current default since we don't have a GUI yet.

> In fact, how would you handle playlists containing other playlists with that 
> schema?  I had just planned on making playlist ids negative ints inside the 
> existing list.  So, a playlist of '64,23,-6,24' would be translated to 'song 
> #64, #23, playlist #6, song #24' on load.
#endif /* ijr at po.cwru.edu */

The schema (as is) is not designed to handle hierarchial playlists.  You've
made it abundantly clear that you don't want partial features.  I privately
emailed you after you /requested/ that I re-submit the playlist patch with
an update for name-based playlist retrieval, so that you could apply it.

I expressed my hesitance since to date I don't believe I've ever submitted
a patch that hasn't been criticized for lack of utility.  I never received
a reply, so I did as you asked -- name-based playlists and a resubmission.

Do you want me to submit larger patches or to not submit patches at all?

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