[mythtv] Setting up the Leadtek Winfast XP 2000+

Byung Kim byungykim at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 24 10:18:09 EST 2003


I'm new to mythtv and linux in general and I'm trying to get my pvr going. 
This mailing list has been a great help.  I've finally gotten a basic
installation of MythTV working but my capture card will not work in MythTV or
xawtv.  I'm using the correct device (/dev/video0) and xawtv's detection
verifies this.  So, I did another search and came across this post -

I was about to return the card and get another one but this gives me hope.  Now
the only thing is I need a little help with the solution in the post above. 
I've executed "modprobe tuner type=2" but now my remote doesn't work.  When I
run irw, I dont see any output when I press the keys on my remote.  The above
post says I need to "hack bttv" but I have no clue how that's done.  I'm
guessing I need to download the source for bttv, modify it somehow and then
recompile?  I wouldn't even know where to begin.  Also, ive seen people setting
the "tuner card=XX"  What is this for and how do I figure out what value to set
it to?


Byung Kim
byungykim at yahoo.com

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