[mythtv] Permanent Ringbuffer suggestion...

JC johnmythtv at crombe.com
Sun Feb 23 23:50:17 EST 2003

I'd like to suggest an option (checkbox in Recording) to NOT reset the
ringbuffer - ever.  There's no good reason to really do it, and it usually
results in lost data.  Here are my arguments:

1) You could change channels without losing the buffer.  Sometimes you do so
by accident, forgetting you're behind time or with an errant remote push
(channel vs volume) and you lose the whole buffer.  Two conditions possible:
  a) You're watching "real-time" (not delayed): It would just "follow you"
through the changed channels.  When you rewind, it simply plays back
whatever channels you were on earlier.  No loss of history. This is also
great when _you_ have watched a show, but another family member hasn't yet
(got called away?) and you want to change channels when it's over.  They can
then still "rewind" into the other channel and watch it.
  b) You're watching delayed (buffered) video: Ideally, it should:
      1) Prompt you like ReplayTV, i.e. - "You're watching delayed
television.  Are you sure you wish to change channels Y/N?"  Then, you don't
change unless you want to.  If you say you want to change, then...
      2) Skip forward to "real time" (not delayed)
      3) Change to the requested channel and continue buffering from there.

This way, you can even "surf" while watching delayed video and not lose what
you were watching.  Maybe you're 10 minutes behind and then at the next
"hour" or "half hour" you could change channels and it would continue
buffering that new channel.  Sure, you're have to rewind back into the
buffer (and the previous channel) to return to where you were but that's
easy and you'd not lose the buffered show just to change channels and start
buffering a new one.

Finally, I'd like to see it continue to buffer even if you "Esc" out of
watching live TV.  In TiVo it does this as you can basically flip to a
channel you want to watch, hit pause, then bring up a list of pre-recorded
programs and watch one while live TV buffers up for you.  Then whenever you
wish, you can return to watching the buffered TV show, advancing through the
commercials of course.

Basically, we're already dedicating a portion of our hard drive to the
ringbuffer.  Let us just enable it to always append to the end of that
buffer and not wipe it all out because we've changed channels or gone to
watch a recording.

Let the ringbuffer live!


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