[mythtv] music playbackbox

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Sun Feb 23 12:49:20 EST 2003

#if Isaac Richards /* Feb 23, 09:53 */
> On Saturday 22 February 2003 07:06 pm, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> > This patch fixes these items...
> > 	- output broadly defined as Output while actually AudioOutput
> Why do that?  If anyone ever feels like adding support for native ALSA 
> playback, the best thing for them to do would be to extend Output like the 
> current AudioOutput class does.  Changing playbackbox to only reference the 
> child class instead of the base class would prevent this from happening 
> seamlessly.

Ahh, okay.  I'll move the cosmetic pause stuff up a level to use Output.

> > 	- keyboard acceleration only survived one shuffle/repeat mode toggle
> > 	- track indicator jumps around to follow indicate current track
> Both of these don't happen in Qt 3.1, I'm wondering if they're fixed in Qt 
> 3.0.7 as well.

I'll put them into an pragma conditional and upgrade to 3.0.7 to check.

> Also, why:
> change the first run of the visual_mode_timer to a single shot?  It'll just 
> get restarted later as a continuous timer.
#endif /* ijr at po.cwru.edu */

It could be another bug in Qt.  I was able to reproduce the crash before
changing that line, but not afterwards.  I agree that it'd be nice if all
the calls were consistently single shot.  Do you have the crash bug on 3.1?

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