[mythtv] cvs 02-12 works, cvs 02-23 doesn't

Eli Criffield myth at zendo.net
Sun Feb 23 01:55:25 EST 2003

In the latest cvs when playing back a previously recored show it plays back
ok for about the first couple seconds then it plays very very fast, but the
audio stays normal, quickly becomes out of sync then the audio starts

The cvs version from 02-21 does the same as above for recording (the
version from 02-23) but plays livetv back but very very choppy (maybe its
trying to play livetv back in fast motion too?). The current cvs (02-23)
doesn't seem to want to play livetv at all.

the cvs from 02-12 works fine in both livetv and recording playback.

I did update the database with cvs.sql.

Any ideas whats going on?


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