[mythtv] audio and video problems

Nathan Poznick poznick at conwaycorp.net
Sat Feb 22 17:48:54 EST 2003

Thus spake Harry Wynn:
> forgive me for my ignorance on xv, but how would i go about getting xv
> support then so i can get myth running?

Typically it's your video card.  If the driver supports Xv for your
video card, you should get it.  Not all of the cards which use the 'ati'
driver support Xv, however.  If I'm not mistaken, the rage mobility pro
cards used the mach64 chipset, which do not have Xv support.  You
*might* be able to get working Xv support with the ati.2 driver from the
GATOS project.

Nathan Poznick <poznick at conwaycorp.net>

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