[mythtv] music playbackbox

Harry Wynn bighar at bighar.com
Sat Feb 22 20:31:16 EST 2003

has anyone gotten ati.2 drivers working for a rage mobility p/m card?  i've
tried them out and can't seem to get them working.

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> This patch fixes these items...
> - visualizer crashes mythmusic when it arrives during paused music
> - output broadly defined as Output while actually AudioOutput
> - pause button does the right thing during inline playlist editing
> ...and includes the earlier fixes...
> - keyboard acceleration only survived one shuffle/repeat mode toggle
> - pause button depresses to indicate play mode
> - track indicator jumps around to follow indicate current track
> ...and as it turns out, also fixed another bug...
> 1. start in "play music" with an empty playlist in shuffle mode
> 2. edit the playlist and add several tracks
> 3. the top-most track is played regardless of shufflemode setting


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