[mythtv] Problem with swedish characters

Torbjörn Jansson torbjorn.jansson at mbox200.swipnet.se
Sat Feb 22 12:28:29 EST 2003

I almost missed this mail due to the large amount of mail on this list. It's
good to see that there is lots activity on the list.

> >Another problem i have is that i can only change channels between 2
> >channels, and when i type some numbers (i asume it is 
> suposed to change
> >channels) noting happends.
> Try up/down and using the EPG first to see if the channels 
> are there in the 
> first place. Don't forget MythTV uses the channelnumbers for 
> your remote, 
> it only recognizes the ones it knows (see my non-US supportsite 
> www.home.zonnet.nl\erik_nospam.arendse)

It seems to work now, but what if the channel numbers are not just numbers?
Like SE03 and S followed by some number. That will be a bit hard to enter on
a remote with only numbers

> >I'll do some more tests when i get home
> You have a look in the database itself with mysql or mysqlcc 
> to see how the 
> imported data really looks.

I have looked at the data in the programs table and it contains those
strange looking characters, but if i look in the table for the recordings
the swedish characters looks right.
So thats probably why recordings with swedish characters don't show up in
the conflict resolution screen since the names are different.

Even tho the program table contains strange characters it looks right in the
program guide, so i think that there is some kind of character encoding
problem in mythfilldatabase and/or mythtv (probably both)

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