[mythtv] LIRC support

Joseph A. Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Fri Feb 21 22:07:21 EST 2003


I'm taking a look at adding real LIRC support to Myth, and I was
wondering:  what is the purpose of the other programs in MC/programs? 
For instance, mythtv, mythepg, mythprogfind?  It seems like these don't
actually get used, since their functionality is embedded into
mythfrontend via libmyth & libmythtv.  Are they holdovers from 0.7, or
simply there to aid debugging by not having to navigate the menus?  I
just want to make sure I make changes in the right places.

As far as LIRC support goes, I thought I'd first take a stab at adding
simple support to mythfrontend.  Once I have my brain wrapped around it,
I thought it might be cool to support different LIRC configurations for
different modes, so that the same key could do different things
depending on whether you're watching LiveTV or in Edit Mode, for
instance.  Finally I'd like to add LIRC support to mythweather,
mythgallery & mythmusic.

Of course, things are working okay for me with irxevent under fvwm, but
I did have problems using twm.  I figure they're window manager-specific
focus issues, and I'd just as soon have the remote control support not
depend on such things.  Plus, if the ability to run with X (i.e.,
framebuffer support) comes along, irxevent will no longer work.

Anyway, any suggestions, requests?

I have a few questions about development tools (editors) and
patching/diffing.  I see alot of traffic about "indent.pro".  What is
this & how does it work with something like emacs or nedit?

Thanks for your patience -- MythTV is great & I look forward to
contributing to it.

-Joe C.

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