[mythtv] sql code

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 13:48:55 EST 2003

This may help ever-so-slightly:
	alter table musicmetadata add index (artist,album);

If none of your filenames are longer than 255 characters...:
	alter table musicmetadata modify artist char(128) not null, modify album char(128) not null, modify title char(128) not null, modify genre char(128) not null, modify year int unsigned not null, modify tracknum int unsigned not null, modify length int unsigned not null, modify filename char(255) not null;

If I patch the fillList stuff, I'll lift the 255 character limit with
a separate table for source URLs (which we need for the streaming stuff
in MythRadio), but the metadata records will still be fixed-length.

Again, I can't tell what is slow because I don't have a large archive. :-(

#if Robert Cantu /* Feb 20, 11:42 */
> Nice work! However I believe the playlist loading isn't the slowdown, it's
> the metadata lookup. Could you apply the same speed enhancements to the
> musicmetadata table? That's the part that grows linearly with the amound
> of music you have. It's bringing up the playlist editor that takes >10
> seconds, not loading the playlist, which is almost instantaneous.
#endif /* robert at artistictech.net */

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