[mythtv] sql code

thor mythtv at lamedomainname.com
Thu Feb 20 12:19:49 EST 2003

On Thursday 20 February 2003 05:11 am, Andy Davidoff wrote:
> The attached patch is against current CVS.  This is straightforward
> stuff, but I put in copious comments since they were absent.

	Looks great to me ... (joins! hurray!)

	One tiny(?) request. I'm just in the middle of rewriting new UI routines for 
mythmusic to let user create/edit/save multiple playlists. I was working 
around default_playlist_storage, but it seems like I might as well do this 
the "right way".

	What I need is a flag in the schema that will indicate the last playlist that 
was edited (including none in the case where there are no playlists). This 
will let "Play Music" lead to the last edited playlist without having to add 
extra dialogs for selecting playlists and/or have a messy requirment to 
always copy over the last edited playlist to default_playlist_storage. 

	Being not a DB person, don't know if this should be a separate table with 
only one row, or should be a column in the playlist table that can only have 
one row's value set at a time. If you can explain how this should be done 
and/or send a couple of lines of code, that would be great.


>The order of entries may now be specified, but of course there's no UI.

	Oh yeah ... order ... have to think about UI for that ... darn.

> PS.  Is there an indent.pro for the codebase?

	I think the current rule of thumb is tab = 4 spaces, and no mixed tabs and 

- thor

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