[mythtv] sql code

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 13:07:27 EST 2003

Yep, it should get added to musicplaylisthead.

Can I get CVS commit access to mythmusic?

#if DanM /* Feb 20, 08:32 */
> Durring my brief look at the schema, I didn't notice a host column on 
> musicplaylist.  In keeping with other parts of the schema (Mainly the 
> settings table) what about putting a host column on this table?  In the 
> playlist editor, I think it would be handy then when you create/save 
> your playlist, the option of specifying it as global (All hosts can 
> read/use), or local (Only this host).  Just a thought.
#endif /* dan at milkcarton.com */

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