[mythtv] sql code

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 13:04:36 EST 2003

#if thor /* Feb 20, 12:19 */
> 	One tiny(?) request. I'm just in the middle of rewriting new UI routines for 
> mythmusic to let user create/edit/save multiple playlists. 

Awesome. :-)

> 	What I need is a flag in the schema that will indicate the last playlist that 
> was edited (including none in the case where there are no playlists). This 
> will let "Play Music" lead to the last edited playlist without having to add 
> extra dialogs for selecting playlists and/or have a messy requirment to 
> always copy over the last edited playlist to default_playlist_storage. 

I think we probably want default playlists per front-end.  If you agree, then
the quickest way to implement this is to pick a setting variable in which to
store the playlistid.  It'll default to 1 for hostname = NULL and your UI can
update the setting entry for the front-end host when it wants to change the
default for that node.

> >The order of entries may now be specified, but of course there's no UI.
> 	Oh yeah ... order ... have to think about UI for that ... darn.
#endif /* mythtv at lamedomainname.com */

If you've already made playlist objects, send them to me and I'll patch them
to do incremental saves.  This will let us update the playlist in real-time
as it's changed by the user, which means we don't need to save the playlist
at shutdown and the cost of updates becomes O(n) versus O(n)+length(list).

At the moment I'm trying to make sense of why it does a selection for each
and every playlist entry.  I only have one album in my database, and it
still takes a couple seconds to load the "Select Music" dialog.   Fixing
the hierarchial selection widget should make that pretty much instant.

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