[mythtv] Sound and Volume support patch

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Thu Feb 20 10:56:39 EST 2003

Slightly OT:

With the work you've done makine a slider interface for volume, what do
you think of taking the code for the slider in the editor, and making a
roving "cutpoint" or some other tickmark graphic that always points to the
current time in relation to the planned time of recording. Let me clarify.
You have a scheduled recording for say 8pm and it's half an hour long.
It's 8:13 and you want to watch the program from the beginning while it's
being recorded. This is the only way to watch live tv while recording with
only one tuner card.

What I'm describing is when you rewind or fast forward in this mode, you
see a slider which "fills" with relation to where you are as a percentage
of the 30 minutes. I'm suggesting that there be a tickmark that moves
along, which in this example is at around 45%, indicating the current
progress of recording. I think this would help to know how far along the
recording is.

What do you all think?

Robert Cantu, RHCE

> I have made a few changes to the patch Robert Kulagowski posted for
> volume  control support in MythTV.  I love the abilty to adjust the
> volume and just  wanted to tweak it.  I changed it to go up and down 2%
> at a time, I found this  gave me the control I needed.  I also added a
> slider type OSD for volume.  I  am not a big C++ coder and certainly
> don't know alot about the Myth source, so  please let me know if I did
> something bad... I can take it.
> I would also really like to have this or something like this added to
> the CVS  tree.  I think there is enough interest to add this feature.
> I am including the patch, it is against CVS as of Feb. 17.  This is the
> complete patch, including the work by Robert.
> Thanks,
> --Ken
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