[mythtv] Sound and Volume support patch

Andy Davidoff dert at pobox.com
Thu Feb 20 14:06:59 EST 2003

It sounds like my TiVo. ;-)  Works great.

One thing missing from the TiVo is some sort of indicator of future
programming that the unit is planning on recording for you.  So that
you can easily see when you'll be able to use the tuner to channel
surf.  This is vaguely supported in TiVo, but it's not well integrated
with the interface.  I don't have any ideas on how to display such

#if Robert Cantu /* Feb 20, 10:56 */
> What I'm describing is when you rewind or fast forward in this mode, you
> see a slider which "fills" with relation to where you are as a percentage
> of the 30 minutes. I'm suggesting that there be a tickmark that moves
> along, which in this example is at around 45%, indicating the current
> progress of recording. I think this would help to know how far along the
> recording is.
#endif /* robert at artistictech.net */

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