[mythtv] stuttery audio with current cvs

Robert Chastain kelsey at blackcat.homeip.net
Tue Feb 18 09:35:31 EST 2003

Just found this thread. I'm experiencing the same audio issue with the
current CVS. Has anyone pinpointed what day this occured in CVS?

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> On Monday 10 February 2003 09:19 pm, Joseph A. Caputo wrote:
> > I just confirmed that I have the same problem... I was having this
> > problem with the 5-feb CVS, and now still with today's (10-feb).  Sound
> > is stuttery watching LiveTV, but if I start a recording and then watch
> > it while it's in-progress, everything's fine.  So, it's NOT a hardware
> > or duplex issue, or even a raw processing power issue; most likely it's
> > a software issue; something specific to LiveTV versus watching an
> > in-progress recording.
> If one of you that is having this problem could figure out when it started
> checking out different days of CVS and trying things), that would help out
> great deal.
> Isaac
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