[mythtv] OSD Feature Requests

tarek Lubani tarek at tarek.2y.net
Mon Feb 10 23:47:38 EST 2003

Hey guys!

I have been trying to figure out exactly what the OSD can and can't do (in 
terms of themes)..

This is what I want:

http://tarek.2y.net/myth/osd-mock2.png (site may be unstable).

This is what I get:


What I think is missing from myth CVS's OSD theming stuff is basically the 
division of Title; Subtitle; and Description; such that each of them can be 
configured for:

    a) Font Face
    b) Size
    c) Colour
    d) Location (Title and description are separated currently, but not 

I do think there's probably a little more to be done on the OSD than just 
this, but this would be a great start to making the OSD highly customizable..

tarek : )

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