[mythtv] mythmusic usage

Jeremy Oddo joddo at apixels.net
Mon Feb 17 11:37:55 EST 2003

Isaac Richards said:
> On Monday 17 February 2003 02:12 pm, Jeremy Oddo wrote:
>> I must have been asleep when this hit the list, but what are the
>> different names for the new visuals?  I've seen "random" which I'm
>> guessing randomly goes thru all the different visuals, and "Spectrum".
>>  I fired up my mythmusic today and got some 3D gears.  Where can I
>> find a list of all the different visuals?
> All the different vis names are in the settings file now.
Cool.  I'll have to pull it down tonight.  Thanks.

>> As a side note, I decided to blow away my database and start fresh
>> with the cvs version.  Not a big deal as my Myth box wasn't in
>> "production" but I had to add all my mp3s again( yeah, I knew I was
>> going to have to add them because I dropped the database).  Took about
>> 28 hours to add all my mp3s!  At least I was able to launch another
>> mythfrontend session :)
> Heh.. yeah, that's because I'm lazy and don't have any mp3s, and thus
> don't  really care about supporting them -- the method it uses to
> calculate the  length of a mp3 basically decodes the entire file.  It'd
> be quicker (a lot)  to parse the vbr header if it exists, or calculate
> it from the file length if  the file is cbr, but, like I said, I'm lazy
> =)  FLAC and ogg files have the  length encoded in the header metadata,
> so it's very quick to scan through all  those.
Hey, don't underestimate my laziness!  I'm not a big fan of MP3, but I
stumbled upon FLAC/ogg after I converted over 250 CDs to MP3.  I'm far too
lazy (or perhaps too busy) to go back and rip all the CDs again :)  The
bad part is that I converted my stuff to fairly high quality MP3s (setting
of 256), and thus, the files are much larger than typical MP3s...which
directly impacts the mythmusic database inserts.  But at least my MP3s
don't sound like they are playing out of a tin can!

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