[mythtv] CC testing

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Fri Feb 14 14:04:02 EST 2003

At 14-2-03 13:50, Drew Whittle wrote:
>Output from your version shows things like:
>subtitle page 662.533
>subtitle page 187.0
>so I'm guessing it's seeing the teletext fine, now to figure out whats
>up with subtitles, will have to wait though, none on atm.

Couldn't be better. Just leave it in, and wait for subtitles. Check on a 
real TV first and in parallel... :-)

I wonder if there is any subtitle-flag in New Zealand not compatible, but I 
cruised the AleVT source, the teletext specs and the internet for the last 
30 minutes, but all indicate 100% compatible (apart from kiwi-humour they 
say, not my words :-)

> > And even without cout, just plain printf... :-)
>Yeah I know, but I had to go hunt down cout the other day because it was
>causing the nes patch that was posted to the mailing list to fail
>compilation and I needed to know what cout did and what header to
>include to get it working. (This is why I lurk here, I learn best by
>trying to make things work)

Same with me. Though I read up all documentation I can find as well, you 
really should read a C++ book/tutorial whatever. Especially classes, 
methods, inheritance and templates are not something easily learned by copying.

>Thanks for ya help (and thanks everyone else fer putting up with this 
>newbie lesson)
Your welcome.

>/me returns to lurk mode until he can't figure it out, or he gets it working.
Our headoffice is in Sydney so I roughly know the time at your place: don't 
forget to sleep :-)

Just drop a mail (dev-list or direct) if you got it working, and tell me 
why it didn't work the first time.


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