[mythtv] CC (was: mythmusic cvs commits that require another library?)

Erik Arendse erik_nospam.arendse at bigfoot.com
Fri Feb 14 09:41:39 EST 2003

Hi everybody,

I'm back in the game. Yes, I was working on CC, but was very busy building 
our kitchen and suddenly ran into a flue virus. Been in bed for a few 
days... Busy weekend, but coding will start again monday 17 feb.

At 14-2-03 02:43, Lonnie Hutchinson wrote:
>I believe Erik is working on CC, he sent an email to this list a few
>days ago asking for help testing it. I volunteered and haven't yet heard
>back from him, so I started looking into what needs to be done. It looks
>like a decoder needs to be written, and rather than writing one I
>thought using an existing one (zvbi) would be appropriate.
>I will look into what needs to be done to support this without an
>external library if you would prefer.

If you want to implement this weekend yourself: Robert Kulagowski put a 
myth-cc.c source on this list some time back, it is a stripped CC decoder. 
Strip it further, put it in libvbitext. In NuppelVideoRecorder.cpp function 
::doVbiThread() is a test on vbimode where the CC branch is marked TODO. 
Just reading from the /dev/vbi and stuffing it to the decoder should be 
sufficient. Tricky bit is converting the decoded stuff into text you want 
on the display. Have a look at the way the teletext splits the text into 
single-colored strings (oops, not sure if that is in CVS yet, but it should 
work that way...) which are fed to the textbuffer. I was hoping CC could 
use the same text layout, but perhaps you have to modify the OSDTypeCC 
class (osdtypes.cpp) a little.
I think scrolling & buffering should be handled by the recorder, not the 
player. If not you loose all onscreen text if you rewind just a second.

>On Thu, 2003-02-13 at 09:16, Isaac Richards wrote:
> > In this case, I'd rather the appropriate support were added directly, 
> like the
> > teletext stuff is.  I believe Erik Arendse (did the existing teletext
> > support) is working on adding support for CC support here in the US, 
> though.
> >
> > Isaac
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