[mythtv] Re: seg fault with myfilldatabase

Cliff Draper Cliff.Draper at Sun.com
Thu Feb 13 17:19:13 EST 2003

I'm getting the same results.  From what I can tell, xmltv (0.5.7) is
producing entries with no endtime (due to changes on zap2it site).
So, myfilldatabase doesn't know what the endtime is either.  I suppose
we could make myfilldatabase default the endtime to be midnight
instead of the empty string, but that is a hack.  It would be better
if xmltv gave us the endtime.

Perhaps, this needs to be pursued on the xmltv mailing list....

From: "Mike Drons" <mdrons at ins.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 19:40:47 -0500
> Is seems that it is dropping some of the INSERTS into the DB.   Here are 3
> examples:
> INSERT INTO program
> (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,category) VALUES(1001,
> 20030214230000, , "Pet Star", "", "", "Animals");
> INSERT INTO program
> (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,category) VALUES(1010,
> 20030214233500, , "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno", "", "Evan Marriott
> (``Joe Millionaire''); musical guest David Gray.", "Talk");
> INSERT INTO program
> (chanid,starttime,endtime,title,subtitle,description,category) VALUES(1011,
> 20030214220000, , "Government Access", "", "", "");
> You can see the double comma, where the end date should be.  This is using
> the new mythfilldatabase from CVS.

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