[mythtv] Re:Right edge of screen cut off

mythtv at thetechguide.com mythtv at thetechguide.com
Wed Feb 12 03:38:32 EST 2003

Well, still not sure what the actual problem is, but I think I found a fix. 
Unfortunately I can't try it just yet as I decided to completely wipe the mythtv
install and start fresh with a new CVS install.  Anyways, I was messing around
with freevo to see if it was a problem with the pvr software or something else,
and it seemed to have the same problem.  Then I ran xawtv from the command line,
same problem!  Previously I had only been using xawtv from the desktop link.

Well some more digging, and it seems the xawtv desktop icon uses /dev/v4l/video0
while just typing xawtv in the commandline defaults to /dev/video0.  I do feel
kinda silly for not noticing this earlier, but then again why would it even make
a difference?  Hopefully the new CVS version works too so I can try this

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