[mythtv] Re:Right edge of screen cut off

mythtv at thetechguide.com mythtv at thetechguide.com
Wed Feb 12 00:13:33 EST 2003

I don't believe it's a problem with the window being larger than the screen, but
I've been wrong before.  If I resize the window, and keep it on the left hand
side of the screen, it's fine.  But if I move it over to the right hand side of
the screen, the picture starts getting cut off.  It's like there's a line on the
screen and if the picture passes that point, it's just black (though everything
else is fine...the background of mythtv, the outline of the tv window,
etc...everything else displays in that area, except for the tv output itself).

On a side note, I have the volume issue solved...least I got something
accomplished today

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