[mythtv] Suggestion: Crash Recording / Audio only recording

Justin A justin-myth at bouncybouncy.net
Tue Feb 11 19:03:21 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 09, 2003 at 04:10:25PM -0500, I wrote:
> That would be nice...also a way to tell it to record the current show,
> and include anything the ringbuffer.  I did the stupid thing before of
> going to record something that I was watching now, where "now" was 15
> minutes worth of the ringbuffer.  So as soon as I went to record it, I
> lost the 15 minutes I had in the buffer. oops:)

er, I take that back.  it is already possible now, at least in cvs....
What I must have done was hit escape to exit tv, then went to record.
Instead of doing that, hitting e to go right to the program guide, then
setting the current program to record would have worked.

at least the keys.txt says this:

  -  If you select "Record this showing" while watching Live TV you can
       "Instant Record" a program.


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