[mythtv] cvs remote playback == blue people

Dave Caplinger dent at cox.net
Sun Feb 9 15:12:02 EST 2003

While this is more of a user question, it's regarding the CVS version of
MythTV so flame me if you must if you think I'm using the wrong list.

While using a remote frontend, when I browse the existing recordings,
the preview videos look just fine, but when I actually play the
recording, my video is messed up and I have blue skintones, as if the
RGB signal has been changed to BGR.  There are no obvious errors on the
backend or frontend side, and as I said the preview videos are just fine
-- I am at a total loss how to figure out what is going on.

Has anyone else seen this or have any hints?  I've rebuilt both the
backend and frontend from scratch (make distclean, etc.) and I've been
seeing this for a few weeks now (through various versions of CVS).  Up
to this point I had been chalking this up to Isaac's previous comments
that the frontend was not quite done and had some remaining issues, but
now I suspect that this is not "normal."

Dave Caplinger <dent at cox.net>

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