[mythtv] Re:Right edge of screen cut off

mythtv at thetechguide.com mythtv at thetechguide.com
Tue Feb 11 21:24:07 EST 2003

Ok, tried your suggestion...well the command gave an unusable screen but I was
able to test the options one by one and came up with /usr/sbin/fbset -fb
/dev/fb0 -left 39 -right -72 -upper 66 -lower 30 -hslen 78 -vslen -23 -depth 16
-laced false -bcast true

Anyways, same problem.  I was wrong about the initial problem though...If I
resize the tv window and move it back to the right, the screen cuts out at the
same place.  It's like a vertical line running down the screen, the more I move
the window over, the more picture that's cut off (at the exact same point on the

This seems very, very odd, since the interface works fine, and xawtv in
fullscreen looks fine too.  And I know it's not the resolution since it's the
exact same thing in 800x600 as it is in

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