[mythtv] Suggestion: Crash Recording / Audio only recording

James Fidell james at cloud9.co.uk
Sun Feb 9 20:37:24 EST 2003

Quoting Dave (dave_fluff at yahoo.com):

> Firstly, some kind of "Crash" recording - i.e. some easy way of going
> "record NOW".

I'd like to see this, too.  My old VCR used to have a feature that
would record the current channel for 15 minutes from now when pressed
once.  Each subsequent press added 15 minutes to the recording time.
Handy if you want to record something in a hurry.

I might do this myself, when I finish the other things I want to add

Hmmm.  Whilst I'm thinking about it, how about VideoPlus as a way of

> Finally, a way of specifying audio-only recordings, or even audio-only
> channels would be good.  Here in the UK, my Digi-Terrestrial and
> Digi-Cable boxes include a fair number of radio stations that are not
> easily available elsewhere.  Being able to record just the audio off
> this station in a similar way to recording a TV programme would be
> great.

I have a Hauppauge WinTV/FM card.  Being in the UK but only having
terrestrial TV, I'm rather tempted to add the functionality to record
from the FM input.  I need to look into the kernel module requirements
first though.


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