[mythtv] Suggestion: Crash Recording / Audio only recording

Dave dave_fluff at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 9 14:54:24 EST 2003

I've finally got my set-up working, having ditched my G450 in favour of
an ancient WInTV card, MythTV is working wonderfully.  Anyway, now I've
got that, I've now got a couple of erquests/suggestions for features.

Firstly, some kind of "Crash" recording - i.e. some easy way of going
"record NOW".  I don't usually watch TV through Myth, I just have the
PC sat in the corner ready to record, as I watch the output of my cable
box directly.  However, having some way of going straight into record
from the composite (or other) input, without first having to delve into
the EPG, find what you are already watching, and then get Myth to
record, would be great.  Similarly, some way of stopping a recording
prematurely would also be good - say for programmes you are
watching+recording that end way before their scheduled end-time.

Secondly, some kind of free-form recording specification.  i.e. the
ability to specify a recording with channel/start-time/end-time,
without using the EPG.  I'd like this for, say, programmes I think will
probably over-run, programmes I wouldn't mind trimming the end off in
order to catch the start of something on another channel, etc.  Also,
having the ability to specify a channel number directly would be great
for either channels that I don't have in my EPG because I rarely watch
them, or for channels that my xmltv listing provider doesn't provide
listings for.

Finally, a way of specifying audio-only recordings, or even audio-only
channels would be good.  Here in the UK, my Digi-Terrestrial and
Digi-Cable boxes include a fair number of radio stations that are not
easily available elsewhere.  Being able to record just the audio off
this station in a similar way to recording a TV programme would be

Anyway, there's my suggestions - what does anybody else think?  Myth
really is a great programme, and even though I've only had it fully
working for 24 hours, I already see it's going to be increadably


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