[mythtv] running mythtv without a WM

Tom Howard tom at sagoons.com
Fri Feb 7 13:52:23 EST 2003

>KDE isn't a file manager.  And if you mean window manager, MythTV
>runs with quite a few of them.  Check the archives for the thread
>called "[mythtv] Found just the WM I've been looking for" on
>2003-01-29; there's also a fvwmrc file in contrib.

doh!  window manager is what I meant to say but didn't.  I guess what I'm 
trying to ask is this: Im trying to run MythTV with 2 tuner cards (so I 
can record and watch at the same time) Using the least % of the CPU as 
possible.  Thus allowing a less powerfull CPU = less power usage = lower 
power bill and also a quieter fan.  Im not going to be using the box to 
do my taxes or write term papers, just MythTV (with mythweb, games, 
etc..)  Also, any way to have the music search for music files over your 
network?  ala RioCentral or RioReciever  

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