[mythtv] Playback recording erro

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Thu Feb 6 03:25:17 EST 2003

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 05, 2003 at 07:19:29PM +0000, DanM wrote:
>>When you start watching an existing recording in "Watch Recording", then
>>exist it, and return to the "Watch Recording" menu, the recordings that
>>were previously listed no longer show up.  If I hit esc, then return to
>>"Watch Recording" they show up again.  The message that shows up  is "File
>>Missing" (I think).  It doesn't seem to happen every time.  I just tested
>>it again and everything works fine.  I can't explain why it hasn't worked
>>right the past severl nights and all the sudden started working right. 
> This happens to me quite often; it seems like it happens more often when
> using the playback exit prompt.  It hasn't bothered me enough to track it
> down yet; exiting and going back to the menu always fixes it.  I assumed
> that the exit prompt stuff wasn't re-filling the list or some such.

I think this happens if there was a RECORDING_LIST_CHANGE
while you were watching. The requests and responses get
out of sync. I'm looking at one that just happened to me.
There is a "DELETE_RECORDING" whose response should be "OK"
but it read 31 bytes. Next, there is a "QUERY_RECORDINGS Play"
which, in this case should be 6808 but it read  2bytes ("OK"?)
then another 6808

I've also seen this kind of thing on the Delete Recordings
page where the "QUERY_RECORDINGS Delete" and QUERY_FREESPACE
responses came back in reverse order :-(.

--  bjm

50      QUERY_FILETRANSFER 69[]:[]REQUEST_BLOCK[]:[]128000
   written: 58
   read: 1
50      QUERY_FILETRANSFER 69[]:[]REQUEST_BLOCK[]:[]128000
   written: 58
   read: 1
Changing from WatchingPreRecorded to None
   written: 38
   read: 2                // "ok"
342     DELETE_RECORDING[]:[]The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn[]:[] 
[]:[]Model/actress Daisy Fuentes; musical guest the Doors.[]:[] 
[]:[]1008[]:[]8[]:[]KLAS[]:[]Channel 8 
Jan 31 00:37:00 2003[]:[]Fri Jan 31 00:55:00 2003[]:[]0[]:[]1
   written: 350
   read: 31              // not "OK" but some other message
Changing from None to None
   written: 29
   read: 2               // "OK" in the wrong place
   read: 6808

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