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Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com
Wed Feb 5 17:18:03 EST 2003

Actually, for the box that's going on my main AV setup, I'm considering an
underclocked celeron, and either no fan, or a really low RPM fan (depending
on heat).

As far as why the iMacs never had fans, I believe the case has some sort of
cool convection design to it, which helps move air across the processor.
That's the kind of thing you can do when you use completely proprietary
stuff.  (Not completely proprietary, but a lot less open than normal PCs,
which is why it's pretty muc impossible to find a reasonably priced
A/V-style PC case.)


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On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 16:36, Mubashir Cheema wrote:
> I have an Xbox and I cannot hear it at all, even during quiet moments.
> I have to move my ear really close the box to be able to hear it.
> And I consider myself to be very sensitive to noise.  I have been joking
> with my wife about moving the new refrigerator to the garage because
> of its noise. :)

(...out of ignorance)... What would happen if you didn't have a fan?
None of my iMacs have ever had fans.  Do the x86 chips run that much
hotter?  How do the Apple machines allow for this?


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