[mythtv] XBox - MythTV

Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com
Wed Feb 5 15:04:28 EST 2003

I agree with (and chuckled at) Michael's opinions on the aesthetics and
size of XBoxes (Xboxen?  I hope someone shoots me if I ever say that
aloud...), but they've got style in spades, compared to your basic beige
(or even black) midtower.

I've been considering a mythfrontend box for my main TV, but the things
I've been most concerned about were noise and aesthetics.  Since the XBox
conversation started, I've been thinking the aesthetics of the XBox would
be adequate, but I was worried about noise.  I know the fan on my Gamecube
can make noticeable noise (during quiet moments -- I've noticed it in
Resident Evil), and was wondering if the XBox does the same.  Mubashir, any
comparisons to standard noise levels?  For example, if you're playing a
DVD, is it audible during quiet scenes?

Also, does anyone know if XBox Linux supports controller input, and if the
XBox has a wireless controller (RF, akin to Nintendo's Wavebird, which
rules my living room), or a DVD-type remote?


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