[mythtv] backend plus frontend (success!!!)

Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com Jeff_Mitchell at accessbusinessgroup.com
Wed Feb 5 14:53:15 EST 2003


Here's a copy of your reply, which I chopped up:

Jeff, thanks for the great reply. See below....

No Problem.  It's nice to be able to give back to the community, even if
it's just BSing about machine specs.


Machines in your speed range fit the pricepoint I am trying to do.
Maybe if I can get a decent 800Mhz AMD or Intel used machine, it will
fit my price point.

What kind of price point are we talking about here?  I've seen people
speccing out machines around 200-250 USD.

> If you want more detailed information about my setup, let me know.  I'd
> happy to answer any questions I can.

What is the video card you are using for TV out?
What is the capture card?
How much RAM?
How much disk space?
Computer Manufacturer?

All right, here we go.  This is just a machine I had sitting around, being
my token Linux machine.  I had been doing some minor web
serving/development on it (via cable modem -- ssshh, don't tell AT&T), and
just playing around with different things.  I saw MythTV, and had a video
capture card installed in my WinXP box, basically recording Charmed for the
wife.  So, my costs for this project were basically limited to what I paid
for some RAM, and a Sound Card (about $75 total, since I wanted instant
gratification, and bought from a brick-and-mortar store.)  With that in
mind, here's what I've got:

CPU: PIII-600EB (This chip requires a 133MHZ frontside bus, rather than the
100Mhz busses its counterparts would run on.  You slap this guy in a
motherboard with a 100Mhz bus, and you've got a 450Mhz processor.  Guess
who learned a lesson about thorough research when purchasing CPUs and
RAM: 384MB, no specific brand.  (I had 128, but went crazy and added 256MB
while buying the sound card.  Watch out -- I'm crazy!)
Linux Distribution: Mandrake 9.0, straight off the ISO images.  I manually
compiled most of Myth's dependencies, but installed packages where I could
easily do so (read: off the CDs)
Video Card: Cheapo generic card, running a Virge chipset.  I don't have TV
out going right now, as the machine in question is on my computer desk,
attached to my 19" monitor.  I watch from the chair, scooted a bit back,
and the wife likes to watch from a couch situated relatively close to the
Video Capture card: ATI TV Wonder VE.  Nothing special.  I had this
installed on my XP box (THAT was fun...), and scavenged it for Myth,
because Myth's functionality kicks the crap out of ATI's provided software.
Disk Space: It's a 18GB Maxtor(I think) drive.  5400 RPM.  With everything
installed on the drive (including the OS, swap space, MP3s for MythMusic
and ROMs for MythGame), I've got 6-8GB free, which translates to 6-8 hours
of record time.  We watch disk space pretty closely.

Other than that, it's your basic computer stuff: floppy drive, CD-ROM,
sound card, ugly beige case that my wife won't let me put by the TV... all
assembled by JeffCo. (Me -- this is a homebrew machine.)

It should be noted that the low price of hardware has really got me
slathering away.  I think that I'll probably look for an inexpensive card
with Video out, and see how video at the current settings looks on my TV.
If it's OK, I may make the machine in question my backend machine, and put
together a low-power box to serve as the frontend in my entertainment
center (underclocked celeron, low RPM fans, AV looking case, etc.)  Once
I've got the back- and frontends separated cleanly, I may look at beefing
up the backend (most notably in processor speed and disk space.)

Yowza.  Sorry about the book. I at least some of that helps.  Let me know
if you need any further information.


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